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Take fabric as a memory, as much as it absorbs the scent or form of a person or place, so too does it soak in sentiment and energy. Using weaving by hand as a means to contemplation, the artist explores the notion of energy emitted and absorbed into a work through touch, emotion, and presence during process, rather than a piece possessing energetic qualities through choice of visuals. 

Each beginning their life as a poem, the artist then begins the process of hand weaving, transposing the energy and emotion that occupy these words into fabric form, resulting in works that are quiet and soft both in their nature and physicality. Weaving by hand is her method of choice, as this slow mediative action allows for her to process and understand the origins of the initial written works, that like a diary possess personal meaning to her life. Creating this solid form from nothing acts like a release and resolution to these thoughts, they are yarn that is being pulled from the soul to be woven and reside in the finished fabric. 

The action of weaving has become symbolic in her practice, reflecting on the femininity of textiles, a medium stepped in history, mythology and spirituality.

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